1. Bruschetta 150g

* roasted with chees, tomato, fresh basilroasted
* roasted with maturing ham and gorgonzola

9,90 PLN
9,90 PLN

2. Shrimps 6 pieces

* in herb and butter sauce
* in butter sauce with ginger and lemon grass
* spicy with pepperoncino

22,90 PLN
22,90 PLN
22,90 PLN
3. Salmon Tatare (fresh, smoked salmon, onion, herbs)
19,90 PLN
4. Beef steak Tatare (beef meat 100g, onions, pickel) 19,90 PLN
5. Beef Carpaccio ( marinated beef loin 100g, dried tomatoes, parmesan, basil pesto, balsamic sauce) 23,90 PLN


Appetizers are served with our home-baked bread.


1. Spaghetti Frutti di mare (tomato sauce)
19,90 PLN
2. Tagliatelle with salmon with the touch of curry (cream sauce, pepper)
19,90 PLN
3. Tagliatelle with aubergine, chicken and fresh tomatoes
19,90 PLN
4. Spaghetti Carbonara ( panchetta, parmesan, egg, cream, onions ) 18,90 PLN
5. Gnocchi with spinach and dried tomatoes (cream sauce)
17,90 PLN
6. Tortellini with boletes in muschroom sauce
19,90 PLN
7. Tagliatelle Parma (Parma ham, roucola, cream sauce)
19,90 PLN
8. Tagliatelle with chicken and broccoli (cream sauce, gorgonzola) 18,90 PLN
9. Tagliatelle with shrimps, chorizo, tomatoes, courgette
23,90 PLN
10. Tagliatelle with chicken and boletes in truffle sauce 19,90 PLN

All pastas are prepared the same day at our restaurant.


1. Grilled chicken fillet, roasted potatoes with rosemary, rucola salad, gorgonzola sauce 21,90 PLN
2. Pork loin with apples in cider sauce, potatos puree, carrot salad
26,90 PLN
3. Pork loin in chanterelle sauce roasted with asparagus, home fries

4. Grilled salmon, roasted potatoes with rosemary, mix salad

26,90 PLN

28,90 PLN

5. Ribs in mild spices honey pineapple sauce, home fries 28,90 PLN
6. Mam’s recipe duck in apples, beetroots, potato pureé

7. Beef cheeks stewed in wine and herbs, buckwheat groats or polenta, red cabbage

38,90 PLN

37,90 PLN

8. Grilled beef loin steak, roast potatoes with rosemary, rocket salad, pepper sauce 48,00 PLN


1. Home-made fries 6,00 PLN
2. French fries 6,00 PLN

Size 150g


1. Tomato cream soup served with toast 8,90 PLN
2. Broth with home made egg noodles and chicken 8,90 PLN
3. Goulash soup 12,90 PLN
4. Soup of the day
10,90 PLN

1. Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarell)  14,90 PLN
2. Carbonara ( white sauce, panchetta, mozzarella di bufala, caramelised onion, parmesan) 18,90 PLN
3. Diavola (tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami) 17,90 PLN
4. Farcito (tomato sauce, spinach, mushrooms, ham, mozzarella) 16,90 PLN
5. Napoletana (tomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, olives, capers) 17,90 PLN
6. Rusticana (gorgonzola cheese, spinach, grilled vegetables, sauce) 17,90 PLN
7. Quattro Formaggi (tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, camembert, mascarpone) 19,90 PLN
8. Quattro Stagioni (tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives, artichokes) 19,90 PLN
9. Parma (tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, rucola, parmesan) 21,90 PLN
10. Prima (tomato sauce, panchetta, spinachi, gorgonzola cheese)
18,90 PLN
11. Cream con spinachi (sour cream sauce,spinach, panchetta, cheeas, mozzarella, tomatoes)
17,90 PLN
12. Chorrizo (tomatoes sause, chorizo, mushrooms, red onion, cheese, mozzarella) 19,90 PLN
13. Pollo (tomato sauce, chiken, maize, pineapple, leek, mozzarella, ) 19,90 PLN
Focaccia Aioli (olive oil, garlic, rosemary, sea salt) 9,90 PLN


Our Pizza is prepared according to the recipe that was created in 1889 in Naples.
Mozzarella di bufala is a delicious cheese coming from southern Italy, from the Campagna region.
Tomato sauce is prepared from Italian San Marzano tomatoes.
The thin and crisp pastry and a unique taste will make you feel the Mediterranean atmosphere of southern Italy.


1. Liver and apple salad ( poultry liver, apple, orange, mix of lettuces, balsamic sauce) 17,90 PLN
2. Grilled chicken salad ( grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, mix of lettuces, parmesan, croutons, Caesar’s sauce) 18,90 PLN
3. Camembert and orange salad ( camembert, orange, cherry tomatoes, olives, grapes, rucola, balsamic sauce) 17,90 PLN
4. Salad with grilled salmon in soya marinate ( grilled salmon, avocado, sesame, tomatoes, mix salad, orange sauce)
21,90 PLN
5. Salad with grilled octopus with rucola and tomatoes 25,90 PLN

Size 300g

Salads are served with our home-baked bread.


1. Tiramisu 10,90 PLN
2. Caramel cake with bananas 11,90 PLN
3. Budino  10,90 PLN
4. Fruit tarta
10,90 PLN
5. Orange cake with praline
10,90 PLN

1. Grilled chicken, cooked carrot, choice of potato purée or fries 12,90 PLN
2. Spaghetti Napolitano with chicken
10,90 PLN


Dammann Tea 8,00 PLN


Orange 5,00 PLN
Apple 5,00 PLN
Grapefruit 5,00 PLN
Blackcurrant 5,00 PLN



Pepsi 7,50 PLN
Pepsi light 7,50 PLN
Pepsi light lemon 7,50 PLN
Pepsi max 7,50 PLN
Mountain dew 7,50 PLN
Lipton (peach, lemon, original green) 7,50 PLN
Schwepps 7,50 PLN


Espresso 6,00 PLN
Americano 10,00 PLN
Capuccino 7,00 PLN
Latte Art 8,00 PLN
Doppio 10,00 PLN
Irish Latte 13,00 PLN



Pepsi 5,00 PLN
Mirinda 5,00 PLN
7up 5,00 PLN
Water (fizzy, plain) 5,00 PLN
Rockstar 8,00 PLN
Redbull 10,00 PLN
Fresh orange juice 0,28l 9,00 PLN